Antimena – AI Image Generator Add-on For Palleon WordPress Image Editor


  • Sell Credits: Credit system is compatible with WooCommerce. To sell a certain amount of credits, simply create a new product. You can also add bonus credits to your existing products to boost up your sales.
  • Give Free Credits: You can give free credits to new users after they complete the registration process. This will help you continually grow your user list,


Antimena integrates Palleon to Stability.aiDALL-E (by OpenAI) and Clipdrop (by API’s. Generate high-quality images from text descriptions. Create variations of the image, change/remove objects or fix details on the image. Just enter a prompt or tune a few settings and relax. Artificial intelligence do the rest for you!


Stable Diffusion is a powerful tool that can be used to create stunning images. It become one of the most popular image generation models due to its ability to generate realistic and detailed images.